Radio Show Handout

Michael & Sheryl are proud to be the featured guests on Carole Copeland Thomas’ “Focus on Empowerment” radio show, Friday, June 22, 2007.

Click Here to download the handout for the show.

Carole Copeland Thomas is an empowerment and leadership expert who interviews top business and motivational experts on her weekly radio show.

The show simulcasts from 11 am to 12 noon (Eastern Daylight Time) on Fridays, Saturday at 1 p.m. and on Sundays at 11 am at www.moneymattersradio.net. So, if you have a computer, you can hear the show anywhere.

In Boston, this show will air live on FRIDAY June 22, 2007 (11-12 noon) AND Saturday June 23, 2007 (1 pm -2 pm). It is also re-broadcast on Sunday at 11 am.

If You Miss all of the above you can listen ANYTIME and ANYWHERE on http://web.mac.com/tellcarole/iWeb/Site/Welcome.html. Click on PODCAST at the homepage. Our interview will be posted there within one week of the broadcast.


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