Hidden Sales Treasures

Hidden Sales Treasures of the Internet

Few people realize that even Google and the other best search engines can access only a small fraction of all the resources on the web. It’s true – it’s called The Invisible Web – and our other workshops concentrate on those Internet resources that can transform your business and explode your sales.

Hidden Sales Treasures of the Internet
This workshop is not like any sales training session you’ve ever attended. The Internet is so vast that the information can support and inform every step of your sales process. The best part of putting the Internet wealth to use for your sales team is that you don’t have to change a single approach or strategy. You’ll use your sales system, but put Internet search to work in lead generation, qualifying leads, networking, overcoming objections and even closing the sale. Take a new look at your sales approaches and find out what Internet search can do for them:

  • Find new ways to capture sales leads
  • Explode your networking abilities
  • Research prospects to make a more effective sales call
  • Get the best competitive intelligence
  • Turn cold calls into hot calls
  • Generate more sales leads with your web site
  • Evaluate your site’s visitors to gain more sales
  • Find database leads for less money – and even no money!

To find all the Hidden Sales Treasure tips on this blog, click on “Sales” under “Categories” in the right hand side-bar halfway down the page.


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