Hidden Networking Treasures

Hidden Networking Treasures of the Internet

Few people realize that even Google and the other best search engines can access only a small fraction of all the resources on the web. It’s true – it’s called The Invisible Web – and our other seminars concentrate on those Internet resources that can transform your business and explode your sales.

Networking is a hot topic. Seminars and classes offering to help you learn how to expand your network of business relationships command huge audiences. Now, for the first time, we bring this hot topic up-to-date and into the flat world. The Internet is the largest reservoir of lucrative networking possibilities ever assembled, giving you the opportunity to increase your network in ways you’ve never imagined. The good news is that everything you’ve ever learned about local networking applies to networking on the Internet. The better news is that almost no one is implementing this innovative and explosive approach to expanding your business relationship network. Do you already invest time and money in local networking activities like service clubs, chambers of commerce, church groups? If so, learn how with one-tenth of the effort, time and money you can reach networking leads that you never dreamed possible. Want to partner nationally and internationally with the best and the brightest in your industry? Want to come up with new marketing ideas and ways to differentiate your services? Want to have a network of professionals and experts that will be the envy of everyone you work with?

  • Explode your relationship network online
  • Decide if you should you join any of those networking specific sites
  • Learn how to turn news reports into sales leads
  • Network the conferences you can’t afford
  • Learn from other industries and experts
  • Translate online information into networking leads
  • Put your local networking strategies to work online
  • Get templates for online network e-mails, letters, and phone calls

To find all the Hidden Networking Treasure tips on this blog, click on “Business” under “Categories” in the right hand side-bar halfway down the page.


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