Hidden Google Treasures

Hidden Google Treasures

Everybody has heard of Google, but most of us don’t realize the true power of Google until we learn all of its productivity secrets. If you think the amount of information out there is just overwhelming, Google and the other top search engines offer ways to target what you are looking for and get to it quickly. If you think these sites are just a simple search engines, think again. The productivity tools, public relations, advertising and networking potential of Google, Yahoo and Ask are currently being captured by only a few of the most forward thinking companies. Beginners and experts alike will not only learn ways to search more effectively, but also how to put the most effective strategies to work to for your business.

  • Find what you need first time, every time
  • Google anyone – competitors, prospects, customers
  • Get up-to-the-minute news on your competition or industry
  • Explode your network nationally and internationally
  • Find the best prices and locate hard-to-find products
  • Are you being “sold” on top search engine placement?
  • Decode Google AdWords – and much, much more

Look for the posts on this blog that contain Google tips quickly by clicking on Google under the Categories heading on the right-hand sidebar (it’s about halfway down the page).


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