Hidden Business Treasures

Hidden Business Treasures of the Internet

Few people realize that even Google and the other best search engines can access only a small fraction of all the resources on the web. It’s true – it’s called “The Invisible Web” – and our other workshops concentrate on those Internet resources that can transform your business and explode your sales.

Hidden Business Treasures is the perfect workshop for companies and organizations who want to stay competitive in today’s fast paced world. The Internet is the new competitive edge, the new “flat world,” but your employees have to know how to put it to use. You’ll be amazed at the free resources available, and even more impressed by how little some of the most powerful databases and productivity tools cost. “Competitive intelligence” truly is the next essential business skill and it can transform your business. The Internet is so new its potential has yet to be tapped – and most of your competition simply doesn’t know (and doesn’t care) – yet!

  • Find new ways to capture sales leads
  • Learn sites and tips you never knew existed
  • Learn online resources that will save you money
  • Keep tabs on your competition
  • Stay in touch 24/7 with your industry
  • Learn why your web site is not generating sales leads
  • Find sales lead databases for pennies – or nothing
  • Capture this most effective employee motivator

To find all the Hidden Business Treasure tips on this blog, click on “Business” under “Categories” in the right hand side-bar halfway down the page.


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