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The Speed of Trusting Your Audience

October 11, 2006

We’ve been going to a lot of speeches lately and it’s been a real pain. Oh, the speakers are compelling, their messages riveting and their delivery as smooth as a baby’s skin. But they are hitting us where it hurts – and they’re doing it on purpose. Speakers these days are being taught by sales and marketing experts to “find the pain” and hit their audience where it hurts the most. So, yesterday, when we attended Stephen MR Covey’s workshop on The Speed of Trust we felt a welcome and refreshing gust of fresh air. This guy trusts his audience.
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Use Quotation Marks to Find Unique Quotes

October 4, 2006

You get a lot of advice if you are beginning speakers. Some folks tell us to use quotations from famous people to give weight and authority to our speech. Some tell us to leave the quotations behind, because they’ve become a tired device that makes the audience yawn. Almost no one tells us to go out and find fresh new quotations that no other speakers can find. Read the rest of this entry ?