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Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire – by Guest Writer, Craig Maas

December 13, 2006

CraigMaasCraig Maas’ primary focus is lighting and energy consulting, but now finds himself helping with web design and support, both web sites and blogs.

What do you do when your email goes down? What do you do when your web site goes down? You probably pick up the phone and call your web designer or IT support person. But what if you’re that person?
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A Guide To Local Listings

October 31, 2006

By now you’re probably interested in getting a local listing, but you’re unsure how or where to proceed. Well, let me be your guide. After reading Michael’s post “Waiting for the Wrong Search Engine” I decided to try it out myself. I found getting a local listing wasn’t always so easy or clear cut.

Getting a local listing is great idea. Is there anything worse than having your customers trying to find you and not succeeding. It only takes a couple minutes on half a dozen sites to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Imagine how nice it will be when potential clients find your listing but not your lazy competitors. Read the rest of this entry ?


One More Take on the Importance of Local Search

October 30, 2006

Sometimes we just don’t listen. Pat Foltz from Fred Pryor Seminars ( told us this summer that the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors ( had a great business newsletter called NAW SmartBrief. Being the smarty-pants we are, we nodded politely and ignored her – for a while. Now, one of their latest newsletters contains a link to that very hot search topic for small businesses – local search. Read the rest of this entry ?


Small Businesses without Web Sites

October 1, 2006

What’s a poor to do if it doesn’t have a web site? The power of what is termed “local search” is that small businesses don’t have to have a web site to be found by Internet search engines. It’s hard to get firm statistics on this, but it’s generally agreed that over half of all small businesses don’t have a web site. Local search is the answer for these businesses, but they rarely maximize their “online marketing” through this powerful medium. Read the rest of this entry ?


Waiting for the Wrong Search Engine

September 29, 2006

There is often a kind of desperation these days surrounding the subject of how to get technology to help us find more customers. We often tend to believe that if we somehow just use the right keywords, hire the right webmaster or buy the craftiest and cheapest Google Adwords, customers will flock to us. But, what if we were, in Paul Gandel’s words, “standing on the wrong platform, waiting for the wrong train?Read the rest of this entry ?


Chris Sherman Predicts the Future

September 24, 2006

At last week’s Web Search University in Washington, D.C. Chris Sherman’s keynote speech predicted the future. Well, OK, he didn’t really predict the future, the whole future and nothing but the future. But, he did predict the future of Internet search engines – and that got our attention. Read the rest of this entry ?


All Business is Local Search

September 11, 2006

If you watched Monday Night Football last night (I know, Monday Night is now Sunday Night – just another reason the world has become way too confusing) you watched one of the foremost actors in the world pitch a web site called Take a second to guess how much those spots cost… and you’ll only need a second, because they cost a bundle. It’s just another example of why two words – “local search” – are sweeping the world of online commerce and search engine optimization – and should be sweeping yours, too.
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