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The Fastest Way to Make Those Business Purchases

May 24, 2007

These days, when it comes to buying a service or product for your business, you’d like to do proper research and some comparison shopping, but who has the time? Read the rest of this entry ?


1 Surefire Way to Grow Your Business at Warp Speed

May 17, 2007

Someone asked me recently, “How do I get my business up and running and paying me a monthly income in 90 days?” Without hesitation, I told him about Clayton Shold and

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Warning: the Business Advice You are About to Hear….

April 29, 2007

It’s important to get good information and advice for your small business. But, while attending a speech last weekend it finally dawned on me that the most crucial advice is NEVER included. Read the rest of this entry ?


How to Find Exactly What You Need from a Corporate Web Site in Seconds

March 23, 2007

It’s standard advice for sales people. Before you make that cold call (warm call or referral follow-up call – or even go to that initial meeting) surf the company’s web site for the information you need. You know you should, but who really has the time?
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Employees are Squandering Your Company’s Time and it’s Your Fault

February 16, 2007

It comes down to this. You’re wasting your company’s time. Your employees are wasting your time. Your senior staff is wasting your time. Indeed, new studies show that employees are squandering vast amounts of time because they lack the training to find and retrieve information effectively. Read the rest of this entry ?


Propositioning the CEO

February 2, 2007

Chief Executive Officers don’t know diddly about Internet search and “Information Intelligence.” Senior executives also lack these skills, as do their administrative assistants. Read the rest of this entry ?


Stupid Motivational Tricks

December 28, 2006

This week a Wall Street Journal writer suggested a radical idea to America’s corporations. Jared Sandberg recommended that companies make a New Year’s Resolution to “Lose the goofy team-building exercises.” Think rope courses, paintball parties, firewalking and goldfish-swallowing. Read the rest of this entry ?