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Put Me In, Coach, I’m Ready to Sell

June 19, 2007

The Colorado Rockies are on a roll lately – and the All-Star game is less than a month away. I’ve been watching more baseball than selling – and that’s a problem. But, what if I could combine my love for baseball with my fear and loathing of selling in order to become a better salesman in the process?

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The Impact of Dialogue – by guest writer: Suzi Pomerantz

April 30, 2007

Suzi PomerantzSuzi Pomerantz, MT, MCC, heads Innovative Leadership International LLC, an executive coaching firm that helps leaders and organizations find clarity in chaos. Her new book Seal the Deal !: the Essential Mindsets for Growing Your Professional Services Business continues to receive rave reviews.

It’s amazing what happens when you get the right people in a room, the right voices at the table, and like-minded professionals representing diverse perspectives in dialogue. Read the rest of this entry ?


Warning: the Business Advice You are About to Hear….

April 29, 2007

It’s important to get good information and advice for your small business. But, while attending a speech last weekend it finally dawned on me that the most crucial advice is NEVER included. Read the rest of this entry ?


Who Else Wants a Blog that Gets Read Every Hour?

April 15, 2007

Most blogs are Blah Blogs filled with Blogwash. It’s stunning how few blogs offer value to their readers. However, I’ve just found a blog that I’m checking almost every hour. Would you like to have a blog like that? Read the rest of this entry ?


How to Find Exactly What You Need from a Corporate Web Site in Seconds

March 23, 2007

It’s standard advice for sales people. Before you make that cold call (warm call or referral follow-up call – or even go to that initial meeting) surf the company’s web site for the information you need. You know you should, but who really has the time?
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Searching for the Sale – by guest writer Derrick Moe

January 11, 2007

Derrick Moe portraitDerrick Moe is a Managing Partner of Select Metrix, a process-based hiring firm located in Minneapolis, MN that specializes in sales selection services using an array of approach & assessment techniques to find the strongest salesperson.

There is a part of sales that is now extinct and it is this – the cold call to an executive that contains this question, “What is it your company does?” That question spells doom for the salesperson. Executives today expect salespeople to have an understanding of their business, their market and, at times, even their company-specific challenges.
They expect the salesperson to be well-informed. Read the rest of this entry ?