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Warning: the Business Advice You are About to Hear….

April 29, 2007

It’s important to get good information and advice for your small business. But, while attending a speech last weekend it finally dawned on me that the most crucial advice is NEVER included. Read the rest of this entry ?


Employees are Squandering Your Company’s Time and it’s Your Fault

February 16, 2007

It comes down to this. You’re wasting your company’s time. Your employees are wasting your time. Your senior staff is wasting your time. Indeed, new studies show that employees are squandering vast amounts of time because they lack the training to find and retrieve information effectively. Read the rest of this entry ?


Propositioning the CEO

February 2, 2007

Chief Executive Officers don’t know diddly about Internet search and “Information Intelligence.” Senior executives also lack these skills, as do their administrative assistants. Read the rest of this entry ?


Blogging for Business – Crazy or Crazy Like a Fox?

January 8, 2007

If you haven’t heard of blogging, you live on the planet Jupiter. If you don’t read blogs, and think that they have no legitimate business application, you have lots of company. If, however, you believe that blogging is a powerful business tool, well, you have some company, too. Read the rest of this entry ?


Informed? For Sure

January 5, 2007

The vast majority of blogs are not worth the digital bytes they are printed on. Most are filled with, well, blogwash. But, there are exceptions and this past month we found one. Read the rest of this entry ?


News Alerts Make YOU The Expert

August 3, 2006

Did you know that the latest news on your industry, your competitors and your customers can land in your e-mail inbox, with absolutely no effort on your part? “News Alerts” are one of the most powerful search engine tools available, but very few people are using them. Big mistake. News alerts can be your competitive edge – not to mention help you find new customers, keep track of your competition and make you look like the most informed person in your industry – and all with little or no effort. In fact, every time your competitor burps, you’ll get an e-mail telling you about it. And, every time there’s a news story anywhere about your industry, you’ll be notified instantly. Read the rest of this entry ?