About Us

Michael Benidt and Sheryl Kay

We’d like you to know who we are and how we approach our speaking and seminar business. Our main seminar topics are about the power of Internet search and what it can do for your business and your sales (you can learn more at our web site). We are neither career technology wonks, nor lifetime speakers, nor professional sales people. We’re in business – like a lot of you. And, like a lot of you, technology, speaking and sales are a crucial part of our business and success.

Michael BenidtSheyl KayOur background is not technology, but our topics are. Our topics grow out of a belief that there is far more to technology than the people who invented it even realize – and certainly far more than they can effectively explain. We are not lifetime speakers, but Sheryl’s Toastmasters and NSA training and Michael’s corporate and Pryor/CareerTrack experiences make both of them effective communicators. We’re not lifetime sales people, but Michael spent over 20 years in retail sales management and Sheryl knows the direct selling world from inside Quixtar, so we understand the challenges.

These days, it seems training sessions aren’t all they used to be. Things have changed. What ever happened to content? Where’s the fun? And, what’s with all the techno-jargon and obscure acronyms? We offer immediately useful information, delivered in an entertaining manner, spoken in plain English. It is our belief that technology, speaking and sales can be taught more effectively and it is our mission to do just that.

We need just a minute to tell you how we feel about taking money from web sites or Internet resources. We will only recommend web sites or resources that we have personally used and find productive. We do not accept “referral fees” in exchange for featuring any site in our seminars or training materials. We believe that our seminars will not be seen as independent and authoritative if we “advertise” any product, tip or web site.

Finally, we believe there’s a great deal more to training than just delivering the information. The best learning happens when people come together at a convention, company meeting or seminar where they can do supplemental exercises, interact with each other and compare notes after the session. Books, videos, podcasts, blogs, DVD’s and online learning certainly have a place in supplementing the learning process – but people learn best when they gather together in groups. That is why we offer seminars, classes, boot camps and workshops – and not a range of learning “products.”

Because information intelligence is the next essential business and sales skill, we’ll bring the power of Internet search to you and your company. See you soon.

Michael Benidt and Sheryl Kay
13842 Legend Way – Unit #102
Broomfield, CO 80020
(303) 517-3584

We work with companies and individuals who realize that Internet search is the next essential business skill.


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  1. Thank you Michael for your kind acknowldgement on Charlie Green’s blog. I’m grateful. And, yes, it’s about consciousness, self-awareness, questioning and being curious, and not sleep-walking through life. Again, thank you.


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