About This Blog

This blog is an accident. If we admitted what we used to say about blogs, we’d be banished from the blog world forever. That was, of course, before we tried one. When we attended our first National Speakers Association convention in Orlando this past summer, we tested a blog. We loved doing it so much that it’s still running at www.hiddenspeakertreasures.com.

This blog of Hidden Business Treasures comes from those humble beginnings. People kept coming up to us after our workshops and saying things like, “I never knew that!” and “I had no idea!” So, we started a blog that would focus more on business and sales related Internet search tips.

We hope you’ll find this site a valuable way to increase your Internet search skills. If you are reading this you are already in a minority of the few Americans who think they have anything at all to learn about searching the Internet. There are studies to back this up. The PEW Internet and American Life Project, for instance, reported in January of 2005 that “Internet searchers are confident, satisfied and trusting – but they are also unaware and naïve.”

The topic of search, however, is becoming more important each day. Glenn Reynolds put it this way in his book, An Army of Davids, “What knowledge there was spent most of its time on a shelf.” Today that knowledge is at your fingertips – just a few clicks away. The trick of course, is figuring out which clicks to make.

The need to find the right information and to find it quickly and efficiently is finally becoming more evident. The New York Times put it this way, “Information intelligence seems to be a phrase whose time has come.” In fact, “information intelligence” is the currency of the new economy – and is fast becoming the next essential business skill.

But, why a blog? Why not a newsletter, an e-zine, a web site or smoke signals? People are beginning to resist having their e-mail boxes crammed full of messages, even from businesses they’ve approved. This blog offers us a chance to offer tips and strategies – without assaulting your e-mail in-box. In fact, our blog offers you the chance to subscribe in a variety of ways, mark it as a favorite or bookmark, or just visit from time to time.

We hope what we offer will be of use to you, your employees, your friends and family. If it’s not – please tell us. If it is – please tell us that, too.

Enjoy learning these skills. They are your map to the hidden treasure of information. Not the map to instant wealth or marketing success, but instead the map to learning. Someone told us recently we should not tell our readers they are going to learn something. We were told we should offer them solutions, instead. But, we’re pretty confident that the only real solution anyone has ever offered is the opportunity to learn something. That’s what Merlyn taught Arthur and that’s good enough for us. While we agree that it’s probably important to optimize your web site, we think it’s far more important to optimize your brain.

You can learn more about the Hidden Treasures of the Internet workshops, boot-camps and other learning options at www.goldencompass.com – and our other Internet search tips web site at www.hiddenspeakertreasures.com. Write to us at michael@goldencompass.com or sheryl@goldencompass.com or call (303) 517-3584.


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