The Fastest Way to Make Those Business Purchases

May 24, 2007

These days, when it comes to buying a service or product for your business, you’d like to do proper research and some comparison shopping, but who has the time?

In the rush of things, too often we make important buying decisions without researching them. Instead, we hire the web site designer a friend told us about, or go with the email marketing program we’ve heard of, or buy the postage system that Office Depot just happens to have in stock.

There is a better way to comparison shop – and, of course, you’ll find it on the Internet. BuyerZone.com has matched a few buyers and sellers over the past few years – $5 billion worth of transactions, to be exact.

Here’s how they do it. Let’s say you’d like to start sending out a regular email newsletter to your customer base. You’ve heard of Constant Contact, and you have a friend who uses it. However, you’ve seen other names on the newsletters that cross your inbox and you wonder what company has the best service at the best price that will best fit your business.

Simply go to BuyerZone.com and take a look at the hundreds of business products and services listed – everything from 401K retirement plans to office trailers to VoIP phone services to credit card terminals.

“Email marketing services” happens to be listed under the category of “Marketing,” along with things like “Web Site Design,” “CD & DVD Replication” and “Graphic Design: Logo & Identity.” If you don’t see the product or service you are trying to find, simply use the search box, instead.

When you click on “Email Marketing Services,” you’ll see a list of “Featured” companies,” like Admail.net, Lyris and Constant Contact, near the top of the page. These are the kinds of companies that you will be choosing from.

And here’s how simple it is. All you need to do is fill out the form – and then the vendors who match your criterion will email or call you! No research, no hitting the pavement, and most importantly, no decisions made without information. You’ll be able to compare each company’s offer, ask as many questions as you like and pick the service or product that matches your needs and your pocketbook.

You can also “look before you leap” by clicking on the categories in a box called “Buyer’s Guide” (over on the right side of the page). This section includes handy articles like “Email marketing services introduction,” “Pros & cons of an email campaigns,” “Choosing an email advertising vendor” and more.

Sheryl and I actually are looking for the right email marketing service for our business. When we filled out the online BuyerZone form a couple of days ago, we were almost immediately contacted by companies like Delivra (the first), GoldLasso, Admail.net and Constant Contact.

Stay tuned and we’ll report back to you on how our search for the right service goes, but already we have much more knowledge of the industry and a much better understanding of the kinds of service that will work for us (not to mention which ones we can afford!).

Clearly, you’ll save time and energy by using BuyerZone.com. The alternative is to wing it – or to spend hours clicking through various Internet sites that offer the products or services you need.

And now, pardon me, but I think I need a forklift – so I’m off to BuyerZone.com for more information.


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