1 Surefire Way to Grow Your Business at Warp Speed

May 17, 2007

Someone asked me recently, “How do I get my business up and running and paying me a monthly income in 90 days?” Without hesitation, I told him about Clayton Shold and Salesopedia.com.

Everyone knows that “Entrepreneurial Piece of Advice #1” is to start with “Networking.” So, I gave my questioner “Piece of Advice #1,” but I adjusted it slightly because of a tiny change that has happened to us in the last 15 years. It’s called “the Internet.”

Yes, the Internet itself is the world largest networking event. It’s held every day, every hour of every day, and it’s attended by the best, the brightest, the informed, the wealthy and the connected. There is no other way to say it. As the world’s largest networking event, the Internet puts local networking events to shame.

This best attended and glitziest networking event can put you in touch with people who can help you grow your business today. These are people you simply could not meet in any other way. And, these are often the people who will help you more than the folks you’ll meet over the coffee and stale donuts at your local business mixers.

But, here’s a secret. Networking experts don’t teach this approach. And, even those who sing the praises of the Internet’s networking sites, like LinkedIn.com and Ryze.com, don’t understand how to use the Internet’s most powerful networking strategies.

Which is where Clayton Shold comes in. Clayton is using the networking power of the Internet to jump-start his business. He’s not just relying on the “secret formulas” of web optimization, click-thru advertising and Internet marketing. He also builds his business the old-fashioned way – by developing relationships. The only difference is that he is starting these relationships on the Internet.

We’ve written about how to do this kind of networking, which we call “Nuclear Networking,” in “Network the Internet – Part 4″ and “Network the Internet – Part 4½” (don’t ask).

But, this is an article about Clayton and Salesopedia. Salesopedia.com is Clayton Shold’s brainchild. He says his mission is to “help sales people become more successful,” which seems modest enough. He bills Salesopedia.com as the “World of Sales from A to Z,” and he’s well on his way to that fulfilling that claim.

Psst. Here’s a little secret, though. Clayton only started his business late last year. That’s right. Salesopedia has been in business less than a year and it’s growing like gangbusters.

How is he doing it? Well, we’ll give you a hint. It has to do with the way he uses the Internet to network. The truth is, we think Clayton may well be the best and most natural “Nuclear Networker” we’ve ever met.

Here’s one way he does it. Whenever he reads an article or newsletter or ezine that he likes, he doesn’t stop there. He takes one additional step. He contacts that person, and lets them know he appreciated their article.

Simple? Yes. People love to be complimented. Everyone likes to hear that they write well. Manipulative? No. Clayton doesn’t contact the folks who write crummy articles.

Here’s what he told us about a few of the folks he’s run into while networking on the Internet:

“I stumbled upon Lori Richardson’s blog from a link on someone else’s blogroll. I liked a post she had written and gave her a call. Turns out she was just leaving for Las Vegas to watch her son’s hockey game. He is a professional hockey player for a team in Texas and Las Vegas was the closest his games took him to Seattle. My two boys were avid hockey players so we already had something in common. We connected the following week, — next thing you know we had a podcast interview lined up.”

“I found Jill Konrath through a Google search, something like “Sales Articles” when I was looking for sales authors to feature on Salesopedia. I simply tracked down her contact information, sent her a note explaining what I was trying to achieve. She immediately liked the concept and offered to send me some of her articles.”

Jonathan Farrington is British, but lives just outside Paris, France. I had read one of his articles on an ezine somewhere and had made a note to contact him. I liked his writing style and….”

And so the story goes.

Clayton told us, “When I’ve networked in the past I’ve done it with a handshake, or a business card at an event. Now I do it with an email or a phone call – and the event is anyone I’ve run into on the Web!”

It’s worth your time to visit Salesopedia, but it would also be worth your time to write or call Clayton – yes, and start a relationship. These kinds of relationships are the new selling power of the Internet. Clayton understands this.

However, Clayton is unusual. Not many people know about the power of the world’s largest networking event. That, of course, is a huge opportunity for Clayton – and for you and your business, no matter what business you are in.

Clayton says it this way, “The web has become my new play ground. I’m meeting fascinating sales experts with the click of a mouse and a cheap internet phone connection. For me the web has become a smaller place once you know where to go to connect. That is why I put a link to Hidden Business Treasures on my blog, the tips you provide are excellent to help focus and shorten searches to get to who or what you need.”

We don’t print Clayton’s compliment about us to pat ourselves on the back. There are hundreds of ways to find appropriate Internet entry points for a connection with someone who will help you get your business started (or jump-started) in 90 days. There are hundreds of skills and strategies you can learn to find the phone numbers and email addresses of the folks you’d like to meet. And, there are hundreds of ways to appropriately say “hello” and begin the relationship. That’s our business.

So, start a relationship with us to learn more about how to do this kind of Nuclear Networking. Or, start one with Clayton – he’s a nice guy, and he’ll talk to you. Or, better yet, start lots of them with the best and the brightest in your industry. The power is so explosive you’ll wonder why no one ever told you about Nuclear Networking before.

“I’m just transforming to electronic networking and saving on gas and lunches!” Yes, Clayton Shold knows. That’s one surefire way he’s growing his business at warp speed. Now you know it too.



  1. Michael and Sheryl your post flatters me, thank you for the recognition! I am delighted to have met you networking through Derrick at SelectMetrix.com.
    Salesopedia just celebrated its five-month anniversary and as you point out we’ve enjoyed some early success.

    Those familiar with Alexa.com can view our statistics there. In the past three months our traffic rank has moved from 5,022,620 to a three-month average of 113,336 (low is good). Our past week average was at spot 61,709. Our page views per user in the same time frame increased 2,330% and our Internet “reach” in the same three months increased an astonishing 7,800%. I’m not suggesting our success is fully attributed to virtual networking, some credit has to go to appealing content, but the networking and promotion by sites like Hidden Business Treasures and others has certainly helped a lot!

  2. […] here, but I’m tickled they used Salesopedia and yours truly as an example in their blog entry “1 Surefire Way to Grow Your Business at Warp Speed”. Michael and Sheryl share their perspective on one of the reasons they think Salesopedia has done so […]

  3. I could not agree more! Clayton is indeed an expert in the art of networking and a great guy to boot.

    When I wrote this week’s series on networking for my b5 blog http://www.leadershipturn.com Clayton was never very far from my thoughts.


  4. Incidentally, Jonathan Farrington (see comment above) writes another blog for “DEDICATED business professionals” – at http://www.thejfblogit.co.uk – along with his blog called “Leadership Turn” (www.leadershipturn.com), which is currently featuring a series of articles about networking. That’s not to mention his own web site at http://www.jonathanfarrington.com. Don’t know how he does it!

  5. Clayton is not only a networking expert and a visionary, he’s also a sincere and good person. He is a believer in what he is doing and I am proud to have even the slightest association with him and his efforts!

    I have never met him personally, but I would count him among my friends. I believe that it is his level of integrity that is his greatest asset.

  6. This is a wonderful article that clearly explains one powerful strategy for connecting with others to grow your business. One of my colleagues just sent me a note saying that I was mentioned in it. I believe Clayton Shold is one of the best examples of a “givers gain” mentality – helping others succeed, which helps his Salesopedia grow.
    Lori Richardson, Score More Sales

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