1 Good Lead Generation Reason Why Video is the Next Big Thing

March 28, 2007

It’s becoming more and more difficult to find new customers. The floor of the Google Adwords exchange is filled with hordes of screaming bidders. Email pitches are regularly thrown into your customers’ spam detectors. And, web site optimization seems only to optimize the optimizers’ pocketbook, not yours.

There is a new way to generate leads on the Internet, however – and we stumbled upon it by accident. We’ve been exploring the power of video on the web, and what did we find, but an innovative and sophisticated new lead generation system. Imagine our surprise.

We’ve been doing research on the topic of video because we are convinced that it is the next tidal wave that will sweep over the Internet marketing world – leaving audio, web site optimization, email campaigns and everything else lying in its wake.

The explosion of companies that can help you turn your message into compelling theatre and then help you deliver it to a target audience is stunning. And, the topic of Internet video is everywhere. The sales of IPods are exploding and video sites on the web get attention every day because of, yes, you guessed it – YouTube. Video has arrived – but most businesses, both big and small, have yet to realize its power.

Meet ON24 (www.ON24.com). They understand the power of Internet video, but they also understand the necessity of sales lead generation – a field currently crowded with outmoded strategies.

Try this strategy, instead. ON24 offers a range of webcasting solutions – to reach new customers, keep current customers informed or to motivate employees. But, it is their lead generation approach that caught our attention.

They call it “Rich Media Lead Generation.” You can go to that lead generation page and read about it, but here’s our non-technical explanation of what these guys are up to – and any errors are our fault, not ON24’s. (We’re speakers and trainers, so we’ll make our example fit our industry, but you can do the math to make it fit yours):

Old Way of Generating Leads – Direct Mail

  1. Hire someone to design a brochure touting your keynote or workshop
  2. Pay printing costs
  3. Purchase a mailing list of targeted areas
  4. Pay postage costs
  5. Hope like heck you get a 1% response rate

New Way of Generating Leads – ON24

  1. Prepare a sample video or a promo video of your keynote or workshop
  2. Produce and record this sample or promo with ON24
  3. Describe your ideal customer to ON24
  4. Let ON24 create a recommended media plan
  5. Beat all other response rates using rich media aimed at your target market

They throw in a few other technical enhancements for good measure – like archiving, tkaing registrations, reporting and merging with your CRM system. Your video can also be produced for the podcasting on the IPod. And, all of this can be branded to your company, so when the customers view your presentation online they will feel they are visiting your web site, not ON24’s.

Think about it. The two biggest challenges you face are finding the right customers and effectively engaging their interest. What would it mean to your business if just the right target customers could see some of your best and most persuasive efforts?

Now a word about the “Big Dogs.” Big Dogs aren’t huge corporate conglomerates – just super-smart entrepreneurs, nimble business leaders and company executives at the top of their game. Too often these folks have been burned by the bloated claims of web optimizers, click-thru campaigners and email marketers. But there are more effective ways the Internet can be used to boost their already successful businesses. ON24 works with companies big and small, but it is clearly a “Big Dog” resource.

If you would like to view some of ON24’s video work – visit the “Demo Gallery” section of their web site. Be aware, however, that the topics and subjects are often things like “The ROI for Interaction Space in Multidisciplinary Buildings” and “Mobility TV: Simplify the Design, Implementation and Management of Your Wireless Network.” They clearly haven’t read Brian Clark’s advice about how to write compelling headlines on CopyBlogger.com.

And, for criminey sakes, folks, Seth Godin came down from the mountain several years ago with the PDF tablets from God called “Really Bad PowerPoint.”

That should have done it. But, it didn’t – as he himself pointed out this January 29th his blog article of the same name – “Really Bad PowerPoint.”

Audiences throughout the world are being ruthlessly murdered by PowerPoint bullets. Stop the slaughter. Moses has spoken. Companies like ON24, Netbriefings, Mediasite and Premiere Global Services must step forward and download copies of “Really Bad PowerPoint” for every one of their clients. After all, the slaughter that has taken place so far in meeting rooms has been nothing compared to the slaughter that will happen online as these excellent video companies ramp up their capabilities and reduce their pricing.

After you read “Really Bad PowerPoint,” get out there and start producing your own videos, whether you do it with ON24 or with one of the other video solutions we’ll be writing about over the next few weeks. Online video for business is here. Don’t delay.

(Please note – we do not take referral fees from ON24, any Internet resource or web site that we featured in our blogs, training materials or workshops)

One comment

  1. Thanks for mentioning ON24 on your blog! Though you bring up a good point about presentations and topics, our vision is to provide the most scalable and reliable technology solutions for our customers. With over 12,000 webcasts a year, providing this type of presentation/topic wordsmithing counsel would detract from our vision. When we do our own webcasts, we definitely provide assistance. In fact we had a webcast earlier this year on this exact topic! Best, Cece, ON24

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