Informed? For Sure

January 5, 2007

The vast majority of blogs are not worth the digital bytes they are printed on. Most are filled with, well, blogwash. But, there are exceptions and this past month we found one.

More and more people are beginning to realize how much power “information” holds – for their business, and for that matter, for their personal development. Today, you see more and more books and articles about the raw economic power of blogs, podcasts, eBooks, webcasts, and other online information tools.

And, hallelujah, you are even beginning to see more about the power of Internet search – and not just from us. Yesterday I got an email from Forrester Research that used this language to tout one of their upcoming panel discussions:

“…it’s how you interact; it’s how you discover; it’s how you deliver; it’s how you buy. Search is how users and customers connect to your business, content, and services.”

Psst… about that blog – that really good blog – who is it, anyway?

Well, first we need to ask a question about information. Is it necessary to be informed? As a business owner today, do you really have to be informed?

Ah… that would be a “yes.”

Today, you are in the information business, no matter what business you are in. Sorry to break it to you. I know it’s going to take some getting used to. But, look at it this way; you certainly have some good examples to follow.

And that’s where the blog we found comes in. You could study these guys. In fact, you should study these guys. Because, although their job is to help companies do a better job of hiring, they seem to “get” that today their job is all about information.

Please say hello and give a warm welcome to Lee Fratzke and Derrick Moe of The Hire Sense.

What makes The Hire Sense stand out is Fratzke and Moe’s commitment to learning. You see, we’ve been lying a bit. It’s not really about “information,” it’s about “learning.” Almost everyone thinks they already have the information. They’ve been through a lot of training and have tons of experience, which makes them informed, right?

What makes Lee and Derrick stand out – and makes their blog worth reading – is that they are continuously learning, continuously getting new information and continuously pondering the meaning of that new information.

In just the past two days, they have reported on the following:

The power of blogging is that in every case, Fratze and Moe link to the main articles and studies they are commenting on. The power of their blog is that they don’t just link you to the source material; they add value with their own perspective, ideas and experience. But, it is critical to understand that their perspective, ideas and experience are continuously informed by learning more about their industry.

They must be using the online tools that make information retrieval so easy these days. I’ll bet that they use various “news alerts” and “RSS news feeds” to stay on top of their topic (and deliver more value to their customers and readers). Today, online tools like these make it possible to accelerate your learning, while minimizing the time you spend on it.

Fratzke and Moe understand that they are in the information business – not the opinion business – which is a crucial blogging distinction. They are not resting on their corporate experience, their moldering accomplishments or their imagined expertise. They are out there hitting the pavement every day.

Thomas Friedman said it best this year when he wrote about a former boss and mentor, Leon Daniel, in his article “Shoe Leather and Tears.” He wrote, Leon taught me whether you’re writing news, opinion or analysis, if it isn’t based on shoe-leather reporting, it isn’t worth a bucket of beans.”

Then Friedman went on – and, please, bloggers everywhere, pay attention:

To this day, whenever I hear a reporter say, “I don’t do reporting — I just do opinion and analysis,” I always think of the reporting basics that Leon pounded into me and want to say, “I doubt that your analysis is very good, because the best analysis always comes from spotting trends that can usually only be spotted by reporting a story day in and day out.” I like blogs, but the only bloggers who appeal to me are those who do reporting and aren’t just sitting at home in their pajamas firing off digital mortars.

Lee and Derrick wrote this about themselves in “About the Hire Sense:”

We have been hiring, selling or managing sales in some form since the 1980’s. Dinosaurs we are not. Hip…far from it. Informed for sure. We share our insight on information from many channels so check back often and drop us a comment.

Informed for sure.


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  2. This is certainly going to change the way I approach my blog. Great stuff. Thanks for reorienting the disoriented.

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