Those Google Adwords Sure are Successful

December 14, 2006

Google has become one of the richest companies in the world in just a few short years. Someone recently calculated that if you placed each dollar the company has earned end-to-end, it would reach from earth to Alpha Centauri — which for those of you who don’t know is 4.4 light years from Google’s home office (also known as the center of the universe).That’s a lot of money. Where did it all come from? Google would like to thank you for your efforts on their part – because it came from you. Well, not you, if you haven’t purchased a ride on their Google Adwords program. But, believe me, many of your friends and relatives have.

Adwords income accounts for 99% of Google’s total revenue. That makes it an important program to Google – and perhaps should make it an important program to you. Where do you find Google Adwords? They are clearly (cough, choke) marked at the top and the right hand side of your search screen results with the words, “Sponsored Links.”

Google Sponsored Links

Click here to see our short video about Google Adwords

So, try this with us at home. Go to Google, type in “dog food” and then Find Waldo, er, pardon me, Find the Sponsored Links. Do you see them? That’s Google’s cash cow. Now, do a search for “cash cow”…(just kidding).

We’re not here to tell you how to buy Google Adwords – certainly, no one seems to be having difficulty doing that. We are here to ask if they work. We have our opinion, you will have yours – and we’d like to hear it.

You might be surprised to know that Google does no advertising for their own Adwords program. Think about it. Ever seen a billboard or television commercial touting this program? Ever gotten an email from Google offering you discount rates on their newest version of Adwords? Ever been on the receiving end of a Google Adwords pop-up window while you’re surfing the web? Nope.

Still, successful folks are flocking to the site to plunk down money that buys ad space in the Google marketplace. Should they? Here’s a modest proposal. Why not ask the folks who buy these ads? If you are a wondering how to improve or start using Google Adwords, ask other folks like yourself if the program is working for them.

But, if you’re a “big dog” and already successful within your industry, be sure you also look at industries that are not like yours at all. For example, if you are a realtor, branch out and do some searches for “home insurance,” “homeopathic medicine” and “bail bonds.” Find out who’s doing a good job in those areas.

After you have found a number of specific Google Adwords that catch your eye, go ahead and call or email them. Ask them how the program is working. Ask them if they’re finding new customers and making money from the ads. Why? You might just learn as much or more from successful folks in other disciplines as you will from your own. The proverbial “whack on the head” may spur you to think about your strategies in new and creative ways.

We’ve been doing just that – and we had a string of answers that would indicate why Google is so rich. Most everyone who we talked to for a long time told us Adwords either didn’t work for them or that they were cutting back on their budget for the program (which is another way of saying, “it’s not working.”)

Then, yesterday, while doing an interview with Shep Hyken, an eminently successful speaker and businessman from St. Louis, we found a Google Adword enthusiast. But, he’ll tell you more about that soon. Stay tuned.

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